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The Latest Technological Innovations in Home Building

The world’s very first functional 3D building was inaugurated in Dubai by the vice president and prime minister of UAE, Shaikh Mohammed. The Vice President, to Gulf news, pointed out that, UAE has become one of the world’s most crucial developers for building innovation and future technology. This is evident from the unique 3D buildings like the Emirates Towers premises and the luxurious floating water homes in Dubai. The advanced use of technology in the building constructions will, without a doubt make the UAE the most important economic hubs as it gives it a competitive advantage.

3D Printed Homes

Printed homes are now representing the latest wave in home construction. Matter of fact, some members of UAE like Dubai have a passed a mandate to ensure a quarter of all new buildings by 2025 will be 3D- printed. 3D printing has revolutionized home building; however difficult the process is. With 3D printers, home structures like walls can now be printed. This has not only largely reduced the cost of construction, but it has also made building much faster.

3D printed homes can also help in affordably renovating the houses of people who had earlier on experienced disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis. It can provide a quick solution for people living in poverty. Apart from 3D printed houses, 3D printed gadgets and new cutting edge technological devices are simple ways the elite members of the UAE are revolutionizing their home design. These gadgets include floor plan light switches, transparent TVs, 3D wall panels, and robotic vacuum cleaners with voice control.

Smart Bricks

Smart bricks are bricks made of high strength concrete. They are smart, versatile, and they have substantial thermal energy control. The thermal properties reflect heat during the months of summer whereby the bricks trap the heat, thus allowing calmer interior living places. The bricks are made from strong steel, lightweight concrete. The structure of these bricks is said to offer a 50% decrease in the cost of construction when compared to the traditional building methods according to anticipations by the Zohar’s Company. They are designed in a way that it is easy for them to be connected, and they also have enough space for plumbing, insulation, and electricity.

Self-Healing Concrete

Self-healing concrete is among the new technologies that are currently being employed in home construction. Normally, millions of money are used when maintaining, fixing and restoring buildings. This happens because the concrete initially used cracks due to low tensile strength and requires to be repaired. Self-healing concrete has, however, come as a solution to this. It is a form of green technology that uses self-activating bacteria to self-heal.

Once the bacteria comes into contact with air and water, they produce lime on the outer layer of the concrete. For instance, when rainwater accidentally gets into a crack, it reenergizes the bacteria that was mixed when preparing the materials for the building process. When the bacteria is stimulated, a self-healing process of the crack happens. This type of concrete increases the years a building stands and helps to save on the costs and time that would have been used for repair.

Cooling System In Bricks

From the mixture gotten from clay and hydrogel, a new material that is said to have a cooling outcome on the interiors of buildings has been created. The creation was completed by students from the Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. The material known as hydroceramics is capable of reducing the temperature that is inside your house to 6 degrees Celsius. The cooling effect occurs because of the hydrogel found in the bricks, which helps in absorbing water to even up to 500 times its normal weight. The absorbed water is then used to reduce temperatures in your house during the hot times. Imagine a brick that serves a structural function and conditions your air at the same time.

With so many technological innovations, we are bound to witness the emergence of new home construction materials. Traditional materials are soon going to be outdated. There will also be an increase in the number of multi-purpose building materials, such as the S-Bricks. Thanks to technology, construction will be faster, cheaper and sustainable.

This article was contributed to Residential People by Ali Peebles | Photo by Luke van Zyl on Unsplash

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