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The Annual Required Fees To Become A Landlord in 2021

To many renters and current homeowners alike, the idea of one day becoming a landlord and making money off of your own property can seem like an appealing aspiration.

As property prices across the UK saw to record highs, a generation of renters will ultimately need housing, and that is where the landlords come in.

Landlords are an essential part of the UK property sector, and despite the archaic stereotype of a stonefaced and callous person whose sole existence is to charge you high rents, many landlords are genuinely nice people.

Should you be considering becoming a landlord, it’s important to remember that there are a certain amount of costs associated with it beyond simply purchasing a home to rent.

To help you understand the costs associated with becoming a landlord in 2021, landlord insurance agency, CIA Landlord has compiled a handy calculation guide. Please see below for the figures.


To learn more about the annual required fees to become a landlord in 2021, please see CIA Lanlord’s website for their full study.

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