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Johannesburg’s “Parks” Suburbs Maintains its Allure

A series of Johannesburg suburbs have continued to maintain their allure as one of the city’s most sought-after regions.

Demonstrating consistently impressive sales in recent years, the cosmopolitan suburbs of Parktown North, Parkview, Parkwood and Parkhurst (aka The “Parks”) have prevailed against a backdrop of socio-economic challenges that have seen house price deflation in many housing markets across the country.

Agents Byron Thomas and Jonathan Tannous who were named as Pam Golding Properties’ top national agents for 2018 state: “We have achieved excellent results in our areas which comprise Parktown North, Parkview and Parkwood, selling 60 homes in the past year,”

‘Old Johannesburg revisited’ (Parktown North) – one of the highest value-priced properties sold in 2018 by Pam Golding Properties

Attributing their success to “consistent and honest communication”, they have managed to attract and retain client due to their extensive expert knowledge of the area.

Data from Lightstone shows considerable interest from buyers under the age of 35, indicating that these suburbs’ prime location near to many of Joburg’s commercial sectors is a major draw.

Beyond the Johannesburg Central Business District, popular attracts in the nearby area include the Parkview Golf Course, the Goodman Gallery as well as the Johannesburg Zoo.

Commenting on the location and The Parks’ success, Byron and Jonathan stated: “These well-established suburbs boast a strong sense of community, and offer a range of amenities that include several parks and upgraded public spaces,”

Sales activity in ‘The Parks’ has remained consistent in recent years, with home prices starting from R3 million to R11m.

Featured Image: Pam Golding Properties National Agents of the Year 2018, and The Parks area specialists, Byron Thomas (L) and Jonathan Tannous.

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