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Four Tips for Adding Value to your Home

Whether you’re ready to sell right now, or you have plans to move to a different property in the future, making the right choices within your home to ensure maximum value is crucial.

Making the decision to sell means that you have to view your home in a different light and look at it more objectively, ensuring that you make your home as appealing and efficient as it can be.

As the UK’s pre-eminent, free to list property portal, with a rich background in buying and selling property, Residential People have compiled a quick guide on four ways, you can add more value to your home.

1. Make your home more energy-efficient – Making the right moves towards being more energy efficient can actually add £25,000 to your selling price overall. Raising your energy efficiency rating from a ‘G’ or ‘F’ could also give a 6% increase in the selling price. Not to mention, being more energy efficient will benefit you whilst you are still living in the home, such as a huge reduction in utility bills and spending less on heating.

2. Maintain the outside space – If you have a huge garden or yard potential, but it’s not used, this may put off potential buyers. If you have the space, it is worth investing in it and transforming the garden into a useable and attractive space. Why not consider installing a shed or a seating area to add value?

3. Nice decorations – It’s important to help potential buyers visualise themselves living in the space, as such, decorating and furnishing all rooms can help you to sell your home faster, and for a higher price. 

4. Make the most of natural light – A home is more likely to sell if it is light, airy and bright, with lots of natural light. Consider exchanging heavy curtains for simple blinds which allow more light in, or re-paint using brighter colour choices whilst minimising bulky furniture in the room which could be blocking light.

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