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Five Ways to Create Space in a Small Home

Looking for a way to create more space in your home without moving house? Then look no further, as Residential People reveals 5 ways to create more space in your small home.


  1. Consider an open plan kitchen – Blocking off the kitchen from other rooms can make your home feel a lot less roomy. Instead of being boxed-in, opt for an open plan living and dining area. This not only creates a friendlier experience when you have guests over but also makes the space feel larger and more functional.

  3. Redesign your staircase – Did you know that the space under your staircase is a goldmine in terms of storage opportunities? Transform a boring wall into a set of drawers, a pantry, or even a cosy little reading nook – perfect hideaway to indulge in your favourite book!

  5. Redecorate in light colours – Dark and bold colours only serve to make a room feel more enclosed and less open and airy. Using light colours, such as pale pastels, white or magnolia, can open up a room and allow more light reflection, making it feel much bigger than it is.

  7. Think vertical – Extensions don’t always have to consume your garden/outside space. Provided you can get the planning permission, why not consider a vertical extension, and build that rooftop conversion you’ve always dreamed of?

  9. Optimise wall storage – Storage needs are the worst perpetrators for using up valuable square footage. However, instead of using your precious floor space, why not consider making use of more shelves and wall-mounted cupboards to minimise the need to use areas of the room?

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