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5 Tips for Your Property to Stand Out on Show Day

Just like everything in life, a first impression counts for everything, and selling your property is no exception. Making the right first impression can help you to capture the perfect buyer for your property.

If your property comes with features, you need to let these features be known right away – Immediately gain the attention of the buyer.

We also know how important a role price plays when it comes to purchasing a property. Many buyers already come to property viewings with a budget in mind, so to ensure that you’re selling your property for the right price, you should always value your home before attempting to sell.

In order to help you maximise the potential of your home, Michelle Cohen, Principal at Leapfrog Johannesburg, shares her top 5 tips to ensure your show house stands out from the crowd:

1. Clean & clear the clutter: Nothing says chaos quite like clutter! It’s easy to overlook your own clutter, but rather essential to pack it away when potential buyers come for a viewing. An untidy, cluttered home can be a major deterrent, particularly in high-use spaces like the kitchen and bathroom.

2. Check the temperature: A space that’s either too hot or too cold can make people feel uncomfortable, which creates a negative impression of the space, even if it is on a subconscious level. Consider lighting a fire to warm the room if it’s cold, or put a fan on to get air circulating if it’s hot.

3. The right lighting: Switch strategic lights on to create a light and warm atmosphere. Do this in addition to opening the blinds and curtains. You may even want to consider illuminating a dark spot with a spotlight that helps to emphasise the area’s key features.

4. Sweet scents: This one can be tricky because you don’t want to overwhelm people with overly strong scents or fragrances, or even something they may be allergic to. A neutral, clean smell is the safest bet, though few people object to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, so having a pot going shouldn’t do any harm.

5. Leave the premises: Make plans to vacate the property on show day. It generally makes people uncomfortable to view a property thoroughly when the owners are around. Lock away your valuables and use show day as an excuse to head out for the day.

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