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5 Reasons to Choose a Professional When Moving

In our do-it-yourself, gig economy world, sometimes it seems as though we can watch a YouTube video and master any skill we need. But often that is not true, for certain tasks we still need to hire professionals. For instance, if your car breaks down, call a mechanic.

While it might seem like a manual task that anyone can complete, moving home can actually be much more efficiently completed by a professional, experienced removal company. We asked London’s Ois Removals why the industry continues to grow and why people turn to removal companies rather than doing it themselves.


1. People are time-poor.

We live in a society where time is precious, lots of us work long hours, have children and busy social lives. The process of moving home can take up to two weeks, from starting your packing to unpacking at the other end – it can be an exhausting process. Saving time and reducing stress on your move day is priceless, and hiring a professional team can make everything run like clockwork.


2. Doing it yourself isn’t as cheap as you might think

We all assume that if we go to the bother of organising something ourselves, it will always be cheaper than hiring the professionals. But for removals, this is often untrue: To hire one of our Luton removal vans from a company such as Enterprise can cost £280+ for a day (plus fuel, and returning the van), for that price, you can hire one of our vans and a very helpful removal man for 6 hours!


3. More hands make for light work

Anyone who has moved home themselves will remember the exhausting feeling that comes at 10 PM at night after you’ve been moving heavy boxes since 7 AM. Hiring a removal company means we do all the heavy lifting and shifting. Our team has completed over 30,000 removals and over that time, have built some mighty removal muscles.

4. Boxes, ropes, blankets, step ladders, tape and more.

When you move home, how do you know that you have enough boxes? There’s one easy answer to this: Hire a removal company! We have (almost) unlimited boxes, as well as all the things you might not consider: We can even pack your boxes and wrap your fragile items in protective materials. What’s more, we’ll even come back to your home to collect the boxes, so that we can reuse or recycle them.


5. There’s no need to find the screwdriver.

If your home is full of self-assembled furniture, it will likely need dismantling before you move home (or even get it out the door). Save time and stress by letting your removal company know about this when you book your move. All reputable and professional removal companies will disassemble and reassemble your furniture at the other end.


Article contributed by Mark Shipton on behalf of Residential People service provider OIS Removals

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